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Board Grades

When deciding which board grade you require there are a number of factors to consider such as, weight of product, storage conditions, printing and presentation. The information below is to be used as a guide line in helping you make that decision.

Colour of Board

Flute Types

'Flute' is the corrugation between the internal and external lining papers of the board. The various flutes available offer different properties over each other such as Compression, Crush or Burst strength, Print-ability or storage space.

B Flute

Board thickness approximately 3mm.
The most widely used flute profile due to its all round compression strength, compactness, printability and cost effectiveness.

C Flute

Board thickness approximately 4mm.
A larger flute than 'B' offering greater compression strength, but can be more easily crushed.

BC Flute (double wall)

Board thickness approximately 7mm
A combination of 'B' and 'C' flute is normally used when compression and stacking strength is important.

Suggested Board Grades for Content Weight

The quality and strength of the board lining papers are generally determined by the weight per square meter in Grams e.g. 125, and also content mix of new and recycled wood fibre Kraft paper ('K') being of better quality (higher content of new wood fibre) than Test paper ('T').

For example: 500 K/T B would mean the weight of the paper used is 500 grams per square meter, the external paper being Kraft and the internal being Test quality with 'B' fluting between.

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