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Our paper mill is a manufacturing setup that produces packaging grades of paper of international quality standards such as Liner Board (Test Liner) and Fluting Medium using recyclable waste paper as raw material. The mill which starts to operate on 1973 is equipped with improved paper machine which is able to produce 1500 tons of paper per month in various substance ranges.The paper mill has a fully equipped laboratory for quality control and to conduct research on raw material and process. For the finished paper produced in the mill, the testing equipments installed in the laboratory use contemporary technology for checking the various quality parameters according to the ISO, TAPPI and ASTM standard test conditions.

  • Designs to meet your packaging requirements
Our Design department is playing very important role at our production area.
They can create new concepts and designs; with a special care for the customers detailed needs since they have strong design skills that can be used when creating a design concept for your product .they are also able to copy an existing job that the customers are currently being supplied.
The customers  are able to select a range of colors to print their cartons according to the  Standard Color Chart.

  • Sizing and sample preparation
 Carton dimensions are always expressed in order of length, width and depth. (Depth is also known as height) these dimensions should be taken as internal measurements according to the costumers specific needs.
Sample sizing at our factory is done by the sales department for the customers depending on the products which will the carton is used for.

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