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Container boards

Containerboard is the ‘family’ name for corrugated case materials paper grades specifically designed for the manufacture of corrugated board packaging

Jordan paper and Cardboard Factories supplies the local and global market with liners and fluting, offering the full range of fluting, as well as test liner and recycled fluting grades for corrugated.

  •  Test Liner

    Two layered, made from 100% recycle fiber with brown shade. it is an economical alternative for those who want to substitute Kraft liner, on corrugated boxes manufacture. Substance range from (110-200 g/m2).

  •  Fluting 

    Two layered, It is used in the corrugated boxes manufacture, as the corrugated medium it is produced in rolls shape with 2.5 m (maximum width), substance range (110-200 g/m2).

  • Chipboard

    A multipurpose, smooth, uncoated board specially used in the field of industry. Substance range (200-220 g/m2).


Corrugated products

Whether you need, JPCF can create the perfect packaging solutions to protect, contain and transport your product and deliver it to market.

We manufacturer all types of custom corrugated boxes including regular slotted boxes, overlap and telescopic boxes ,shipping and agricultural die-cutting boxes (on our Bobst Die-cutting machine) and other corrugating packaging, from the following products:

  • Single face - comprised of one corrugated medium and one liner
  • Single wall board (or double faced) - one corrugated medium between two liners
  • Double wall- two corrugated mediums between three liners.

Our state-of-the-art structural design office has the possibility to create test sample to ensure correct sizing and style before production occurs. Also we have the availability of four color corrugated flexo printing on our Martin Flexo Folder gluing machine for high quality print.

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